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Mercoledì 20 ottobre 2021, S. Maria Bertilla Boscardin

Tips for preparing an IELTS essay

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111 luglio 2021 alle 18e25
Tips for self-preparation for writing an IELTS essay:

Read and analyze examples of completed papers. Write out steady expressions, useful vocabulary on specific topics (ecology, education, medicine) and connectives.
Learn to write essays on individual building blocks. Devote one day to introductions to different types of essays, another to paragraphs, and a third to conclusions. Next, practice writing the entire paper.
Plan your time, clocking in 40 minutes to write one essay.
Regularly reread what you have written and correct yourself.
Write by hand - this will give you an idea of the speed at which you write and how the right number of words look on paper.

Reasons to prepare for an IELTS essay with a teacher:

Tips from the personal experience of the teacher and his students who have successfully passed the exam.
Extensive feedback on your strengths and weaknesses.
Correction and reworking of your mistakes.
Overcoming language and psychological barriers.

IELTS essay writing tips:

Read the assignment carefully. Determine the type of IELTS essay - the structure of the paper will depend on this.
Be reasonable with your time: spend 5 minutes for planning the essay, 5 minutes for the introduction, 20 minutes for the body of the essay, 5 minutes for the conclusion, and 5 minutes for proofreading nerdify reviews.
Before writing your IELTS essay, think through the main ideas you would include in your paper, group them together. Make sure you have an argument or example for each idea.
Watch your vocabulary and grammar - use formal or neutral expressions and constructions, do not use abbreviations, slang, colloquial words, informal abbreviations, colloquialisms.
Your work should have a clear and understandable logical connection. To do this, use linking words, but do not overuse them - this may result in lower grades. Choose simple connectives: firstly, secondly, thirdly, finally, on the one/other hand, in conclusion, to begin, and, because, but.
Don't be afraid to cross out or insert words when rereading your work. You will not receive a penalty for this, as long as your handwriting is clear and neat.

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